Newton Moraes, Brésilienne

Newton Moraes

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Workshop Description
A Brazilian dance project inspired by Samba, Capoeira, Batuque, Candomble and other Brazilian dance styles. Each student will gain some very valuable insights into Newton's way of creating dance integrating chanting, singing, improvisation and choreography.

Artist Bio
Newton was born in Brazil. At an early age he started dancing Samba, and then pursued studies of Physical Education at the Unisinos University in Porto Alegre. Later he studied Afro-Brazilian Dance, Jazz and street dancing. In 1991 he moved to Toronto where he studied Modern and Contemporary Dance at the Professional Programme at the School of Toronto Dance Theatre. Since his arrival in Canada in 1991, Moraes has choreographed more than fifty works, both for himself and other dancers.

In 1997, he founded Newton Moraes Dance Theatre and he was recently invited by the District Institute of Culture and Tourism of Bogotá, Colombia to choreograph a contemporary dance piece. The work “Juegos de Amor / Love Games” was the result of his three months of work and was presented in the Teatro Municipal Jorge Eliecer Gaitan with a total audience of 3.500 in 4 performances.

Newton Moraes is teaching in several Schools across the Province of Ontario with support from the Ontario Arts Council, Artists in Education Programme for 2004/2005 and 2005/2006. Newton Moraes is proud to be a board member of Dance Ontario Association. He is teaching Brazilian Dance, and Choreography in the Faculty at the Ballet Creole school of Performing Arts in Toronto.

Artist Website


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